• Universal, horizontal, static (single plane) and dynamic (dual plane)
  • Rugged stiff suspension for increased up-time and availability
  • Belt drive or end drive units available
  • Several configurations are both easy to operate and quick to set up
  • Fully adjustable for a wide variety of parts
  • Part weight range from 1kg - 10,000kg
  • Audit only or on-board manual and automatic correction systems available
  • Modular construction promotes ease of maintenance
  • Ideal for inspection labs and job shops where statistical balance auditing, short production runs, or one-off balancing are required
  • State-of-the-art HBI-25 Computerized Balance Instrument/Motor Control package
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REI Portable Balancer

Armature Balancers

Raven Engineering armature balancing machines are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic configurations for small electric motors. Balancing by weight removal using precision "V" cutters, contour milling or drilling.

Fan Balancers

High precision machines for fans, blowers or impellers, these machines are available in manual load/unload and can measure both static and dynamic unbalance. Correction can be made either by adding weights or material removal.

Crankshaft Balancers

Available in manual or semi-automatic configurations, Raven Engineering crankshaft balancers measure unbalance dynamically and assign the output onto the correct correction planes on the counterweights. Drilling can be manual or automatic.

Driveshaft Balancers

Raven Engineering driveshaft balancers can handle single or multi-piece propshafts with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic function. Also available are manual or automatic balance weight systems.

Axle Balancers

Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for independent or solid axles are available as audit only or balance correction machines. Precision drive systems ensure accurate and repeatable results.