Balancing & Technical Services

In-House Balancing Services

  • Vertical and Horizontal balancing machines to cover a wide range of product
  • REI Balancing Machines on our floor can handle most parts up to 250 lbs
  • Provide part audits (checking), balancing and balance correction per customer specifications
  • Single plane or multiple plane balancing available
  • Individual parts or large production runs for our customers
  • Third party calibration and certification for Balance Masters, parts and weights
  • Certification documentation for Balance Masters, parts and weights are all traceable back to the N.I.S.T. standards
  • Tooling design and manufacturing capabilities to fixture your parts for the balancing operation
  • Full vehicle system balancing available
  • REI can retrofit older balancers or other manufacturer machines with upgraded user friendly balance instrumentation and controls

On-Site Balancing Services

Raven’s Portable Balancing unit can be used to balance all types of components and rotating equipment on your plant floor. REI can also provide vibration and NVH analysis.

Special Technical Services

Systems Analysis of complete vehicles to evaluate mounting, structures, and resonance.

  • Instrumenting engines, transmissions or machines that are completely operational to determine the vibration characteristics (similar to an EKG)
  • Determine causes of the unwanted vibrations and determine how to correct them. Corrections may involve balancing, alignment, or dampers

Balancing and Vibration Analysis

  • Some components vibrate once per revolution (1/rev), which is a good indication that the problem is balance related and can be corrected by balancing (adding, removing, or shifting weight)
  • Balancing can be done on site for convenience (Machines, fixtures, etc.) or can be done back at our shop for components such as: (Cranks, flywheels, rotors, engines, etc.)
  • Analyzing the balance results of several test pieces can provide useful information for nominal balance levels, variation, and methods to correct the manufacturing processes, designs, and installations