Our Machines

All of our balancing machines come equipped with a drive unit and HBI-25 balance indication system. The drive unit utilizes a hard-bearing suspension. The rotation of the part around its geometric axis causes centrifugal forces on the bearing pedestals of the machine. Piezo-electric measuring elements in the pedestals convert these forces into analogue alternating voltages. These voltages are electronically amplified and sensed by the HBI-25 to indicate the weight and angular position of the unbalance in the part.


REI® offers a complete line of manual, semi-automatic, & automatic balancing machines and dimensional measuring equipment as
well as a full suite of balancing and technical services.

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Welcome to Raven Engineering, Inc.

Raven Engineering, Inc. is a total balance solution provider with experienced personnel, a broader product line and in-house balancing services. Our products include a full range of balancing and gauging equipment from manual, audit only balancers to automatic 'specialty' machines with full correction capacity. We also manufacture measuring and gauging equipment for stand alone or in-line applications. Additionally we offer in-house balancing services in our shop located in Oxford, Michigan.


Markets Served

Aerospace Agriculture Automotive Aviation
Military Marine Industrial Racing