Driveshaft Specifications:

  • Steel, Aluminum & Carbon Fiber
  • Single piece & multi piece
  • U-joint, CV joint, splines
  • Replacement, Hot Rods, Customs, Show Vehicles
  • Racing, Sprint Cars, Dirt Track, NASCAR
  • 4 Wheel Drive, Off Road Racing, Military Grade
  • Dyno shafts
  • High speed balancing - up to 10,000 rpm
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Raven Engineering provides a full line of custom vehicle driveshafts for just about any application. Chances are if you think you need it, we have probably already done one like it.

Engineered Products

Engineered Components are a Raven Engineering specialty. With thorough engineering, fast turn around times and competitive pricing, we bring value to your projects.

  • Calibration masters, high limit masters
  • Dynamometer hubs and shafts
  • Tooling carts and tooling inventory control systems
  • Crankshaft ring weights