Engineered Products

Engineered Components are a Raven Engineering specialty. With thorough engineering, fast turn around times and competitive pricing, we bring value to your projects.


Raven Engineering provides a full line of custom vehicle driveshafts for just about any application. Chances are if you think you need it, we have probably already done one like it.

Hand Gauges & Tools

A complete line from Gauge Blocks, Caliper Checkers, and Measuring Pins to Plug Gauges, Snap Gauges, and Ring Gauges. Air Probes or Contact Type. We have a simple solution for even delicate measurements.

Probes & Gauge Heads

Measuring probes (Inductive Transducers) are available with stroke range from 0.25mm to 10.0mm. Gauge heads available in several standard and custom configurations.

Bench & Fixture Gauges

Easy to move around. Quick and simple to operate. Many different configurations for measuring just about any part characteristic.

Semi-Automatic Gauges

Manually loaded but with 100% automatic operation, our semi-automatic gauges are cost effective in lower volume operations without sacrificing quality measurement.

Automatic Gauges

All of Raven Engineering’s automatic gauges are designed to measure 100% of your parts quickly and efficiently with high uptime and availability.

Axle Balancers

Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines for independent or solid axles are available as audit only or balance correction machines. Precision drive systems ensure accurate and repeatable results.

Driveshaft Balancers

Raven Engineering driveshaft balancers can handle single or multi-piece propshafts with manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic function. Also available are manual or automatic balance weight systems.